Bike news to start 2018

Posted by David Bialkowski on

We here at Trysport are shocked and bewildered that Cervelo has decided to "go in a new direction."  Someone has convinced them that the grass is greener elsewhere.

The change, which honestly we should have done years ago, has freed up significant capital and allows us to feature a bike selection that in the past we could simply not afford to do.

You will now see more performance bikes in several categories from Trek. like the Emonda and Domane lines, as well as the hugely successful Speed Concept tri bikes.  Project One is also big with these bikes allowing us to customize fit and style for the discerning athlete.  For mountain we are bringing some Roscoe Plus bikes, and continuing on with the Fuel line of bikes.

For 2018 we welcome Felt to our lineup.  Felt brings triathlon to the masses with a great line up of affordable and performance tri bikes, road bike and mountain bikes.  Bought by Rossignol in 2017, the brand is receiving a ton of cash in R&D making the future of this brand very exciting.

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