Zoot Womens PROPHET Wetsuit

  • $27999
  • Save $46901


A great suit at a great price



  • polyester, neoprene
  • 95% Neoprene, 5% Polyester


  • Extremely flexible with many features. It will increase your speed in the water by reducing friction in the water. Superstretchigt inner lining that does not take up water. CFD - Confluence Fluid design for maximum energy savings. AQUALIFT, in the rear of the suit of 5mm Neoprene makes you easier is in the correct position. OKD, Optimal Kick Design helps the bones to be in the right position for a strong leg kick. Save your legs for bicycle races and gender-specific shaped panels.
  • Increased flexibility in comparison to C39 comes from increased rubber content and increased foam density. C40 is ideal for high stretch areas that require less flotation.


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