• $42999
  • Save $25000


The World’s fastest entry level wetsuit, inspired by our fastest ever wetsuit, the Vanquish. 220 Triathlon gave the Vision its exclusive Cutting Edge award in 2018 and commented that the suit was ‘Flexible, fast and very, very hard to fault’.

   New FlexFit shoulder panel layout and Free Flex lining designed in the UK.
•    Full Speedflo coating.
•    Maximum 5mm thickness buoyancy in the legs and core.
•    Eco Friendly Yamamoto Neoprene.
•    Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility, durability and comfort.
•    Downwards YKK zip makes it easy to get the suit both on and off.
•    14% weight reduction versus 2020 model despite offering more buoyancy. 
•    Combination of SCS or AQUA-X coatings to significantly reduce drag and improve durability.
•    Pro Speed Arm and Leg cuffs make it one of the fastest suits in transition.
•    Laser Precision collar provides a comfortable ‘soft-close’ fit around the neck


The vision wetsuit takes its inspiration and some key features from our elite wetsuit, the Vanquish, to create the world’s fastest entry level wetsuit. If you’re on a budget but still want to swim quickly and save energy, then this has to be the suit for you.

When tested against 15 other wetsuits, Lava Magazine stated that “the Vision tops the list when it comes to value.  For half of the price of many top tier suits, the Vision provides flexibility and fit that's almost on par with the best of the best”. 

While Triathlon Plus awarded the suit their Gold Award with a 5/5 for Performance, a 5/5 for Value and a 5/5 overall, the only wetsuit to ever achieve the full marks. The review stated - “it’s no exaggeration to say that this suit blew our swimmers away and was the perfect fit”.

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