Vittoria Gato Cross Country Tire 29 x 2.2

Vittoria Gato Cross Country Tire 29 x 2.2

  • $8999

A fast rolling wet conditions XC race tire, designed for top performance without compromising rolling resistance.

  • Circumferential channels provide cleaning paths for mud and debris
  • Round profile for even cornering transitions
  • Snow tire siping on all knobs provides grip on the top of the cleats

With Graphine this tire is Tubeless Ready!


"I was nearly unstoppable when faced with wet, technical pitches that I'd be scared to walk up or down. The power of siping? It sure looks to be that way. Whatever it is, these things grab ahold of wet roots and rocks and don't let go. The most noticeable difference between it and most other rubber is the tire's immense amount of siping that has been done to every single lug. This should allow the lugs to flex and conform to whatever they roll over better than if they were un-cut. I can't overstate how impressed I am with the Gato's performance, especially in slimy conditions"

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