VAUHTI LF Wet Liquid Glide

  • $2199

Package sizes: 80ml
Operating range: +10/-1°C | 50/30°F

Vauhti LF WET liquid glide wax can be applied quick and easy way. It is based on the ingredients used in Vauhti race paraffin waxes and high-quality solvents, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. LF WET optimum condition is from wet snow to damp snow down to zero degrees, it has a good dirt resistivity. On its best when used on top of Quick Base liquid primer. Liquid glide can be used on cross-country skis, alpine skis and snowboards.

Instructions for liquid glides:
• Shake the bottle well.
• Press the sponge against the ski base and squeeze the bottle lightly, which makes the bottle valve open and the product can trickle onto the sponge.
• Apply a thick layer by rubbing it back and forth on the gliding surfaces.
• Allow to dry for approximately 10 min.
• Brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush.

Tip: Attach the dried product by rubbing with natural cork, you can also use a cork roller (= Roto cork). Using cork will significantly improve the product’s durability. Brush the ski base thoroughly with a nylon brush; if necessary, use a fine-bristled metal brush first.

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