Used 2011 Zipp 909 Tubular disc, 10 speed

Used 2011 Zipp 909 Tubular disc, 10 speed

  • $60000
  • Save $2,40000

This is a very low mileage disc wheel in mint shape with a good condition Conti Competition 22mm tire on it. 
Because its a disc it can not be converted to 11 speed, however you could use an 11 speed cassette by taking out one of the middle gears.  This gives you 10 gears but with the crucial 11 speed gear spacing, allowing you to use 11 speed shifters.

909 A Perennial Performer For the past 5 seasons, the Zipp 909 has steadily got faster, losing weight, gaining dimples, lower rolling resistance, improved materials and it has been the absolute focal point of Zipp’s aero arsenal. Equally at home on the Queen K, on the Kona coast, as well as the European TT courses, it has quickly established itself as the wheelset to have if you are serious. It is one of the fastest wheelsets you can own. Benefiting from more wind tunnel time and further refinement of Zipp’s proprietary manufacturing methods it is still one of the most versatile and effective weapons for racing against the clock in triathlon, on the track and in Time Trials. Razor-like handling and super aero performance is now also available in clincher! 

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