Swix TRIAC 3.0 Racing Pole, WITH STRAPS

Swix TRIAC 3.0 Racing Pole, WITH STRAPS

  • $45900
  • Save $11599

162.5 POLE includes a set of  large TRIAC STRAPS ($60)

175 POLE includes a set of x-large TRIAC 3.0 STRAPS ($60)

The new Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country. We have worked close with world leading athletes to achieve the new state of the art cross country pole. All details have been thought and no compromises are done. Performance and nothing else counts. Revolutionary power transmission between hand and shaft. 100 % direct response. No stretch + no movement=no energy loss. Hand shaped strap for maximum power transmission. No hard spots. 32%weight reduction! Index finger control platform. Easy strap replacements. 100% natural cork in gripping area. World leading shaft technology. 100% traceability for quality insurance. TBS basket system for covering any snow conditions.

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