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The Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate Ski boot is uncompromising on the road to success. The Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate guarantees optimum power transfer through the World Cup Carbon Crosslink and World Cup Carbon Cuff. The Torsion Control System and Frame Technology ensure perfect foot fixation and cradling. Canting enables individual cuff adjustment. Torsion-free through R3 Pebax Skating sole.

Uses the NNN Binding System

Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate Ski Boot Features:
Better flex, optimized torsional stiffness, more stability through wide underfoot. Different material hardnesses for skating/ classic.

World Cup Carbon Cross Link
External stabilising elements made of high-strength carbon fibres fix the WC Carbon Cuff to the boot, ensuring the high degree of torsional resistance.

Canting function on both sides, each with two settings. Enables medial and lateral adjustment to the lower leg axis. Height adjustable up to 4mm with special key provided.

Frame Technology
This innovative technology for 3-dimensional foot fixation offers more support in the decisive positions. Seamless, waterproof and long-lasting.

Torsion Control System
A diagonally running strap supports the foot inclination in the kick phase through notably higher torsional resistance.

Ratchet Lock Buckle
The ratchet/buckle system enables fast and individual adjustment of the WC Carbon Cuff.

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