Profile ADLAero Bar, for draft legal

  • $15699

Proprietary integrated bracket design allows the rider to run a minimalist clip-on aerobar design with or without armrests.

  • Clamp style and 3-position F-35i Injected Armrest provide a road geometry adjustable aerobar fit
  • Taller 40mm S-Bend extension improves ergonomics
  • Armrest: F-35i Injected Armrest
  • Stack: 37mm-97mm
  • Reach: -60mm, -40mm, -30mm
  • Extension Adjustment: Fixed
  • Width: 165mm-320mm (center to center)
  • Center Clamp Diameter: Fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars
  • Color: Anodized Matte Black
  • Weight: 420g

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