• $43900

Norco's Roller 20" all-purpose mountain bikes are perfect for getting your 5 to 8-year-old youngster riding trails and having fun.

The Roller 20" features quality components for lightweight and durability.

Increased standover clearance helps smaller riders fit bikes with larger wheels, making it easier for them to roll over bumpy terrain, while short stems and wide bars provide stability.


A Strong Start

To kids, a bike is more than just a bike. It’s a two-wheeled passport to freedom and adventure – and for you, it’s an opportunity to get them out on two wheels in the great outdoors!

Norco’s kid's bikes feature lightweight aluminum frames, custom geometry, and kid-specific components to get them riding early and riding often.

Fits Sooner, Rides Longer

Low standover heights allow smaller children to ride bikes with larger wheels, and short stems and wide bars add stability to build skills and confidence early.​

Short reach to stop on a dime.

Easy braking with small levers and reach adjust on select bikes fit small hands so riders can get used to hand brakes as early as possible.​


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