MyFloat Bag

MyFloat Bag

  • $6995

MyFLOAT bag 

The myFLOAT is a floatable bag that is attachable to your waist with an easily adjustable belt strap. As you swim, it floats behind you without causing any resistance in the water. Two extra-reinforced handles on top ensure easy grabbing while in the water. Its bright yellow colour, size, and shape will make you are highly visible to all types of watercraft at all times. It is completely waterproof, can hold as much as you need, and is also easily carried on land. The only versatile, lightweight bag you’ll need.


  • Made out of durable PVC, with extra-reinforced handles, seam, and loop.
  • Drybag style roll-up top closure that provides watertight seal, and keeps everything inside dry.
  • Two inflatable air chambers for extra safety.
  • No drag in the water.
  • Dual function strap:
    • on land, used as a shoulder strap;
    • in water, used as a belt loop.


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