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You enjoy the occasional hike but steep climbs and seemingly unreachable summits just aren't your thing? Then Nordik snowshoe is for you. Sturdy enough for leisure outings and training sessions alike, this model offers reliability and performance as well as being offered in a variety of sizes. Every Nordik snowshoe model is equipped with lightweight and robust components that provide excellent traction, float ability and snow shedding capabilities. It's the most standard, versatile and accessible snowshoe. 

Frame: 6061-T6 aluminum
Harness: Contact Trad
Closure system: Ratchet closures, slipnot heel strap
Crampons: Crux
Pivot: Freeflex X 30 mm
Decking: Snow-repelling, wraparound riveted decking
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Product Details

Style Number 1493345
Color Description GRAY SLATE
Color 8jx

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825 User weight: 100 - 200 lb / 45 - 91 kg
930 User weight: 150 - 250 lb / 68 - 113 kg

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