• $20999


Are you looking for a new unique jacket? In our Frost jacket your workout will be a pleasure!

Frost ski jacket is for those looking for a thin, flexible and windproof top. To get the most out of your workout, Frost is produced in a unique blend of the materials.

Windproof membrane in the front and ventilation in the back is a winning concept which ensures the body temperature in control and allows the perfect movement ability at the same time.

You will

that our zippers will work flawlessly for many years. Therefore we have chosen to manufacture our garments exclusively with YKK zippers, the world's largest and quality assured supplier.

You can put the car key, your skiwax or the phone in one of the two zipper pockets at the front. If you need more storage, you have an option to add a larger zipper pocket on your back.

Reflexes are amazing! If you want to be more visible, you can choose reflex seams on your shoulders as an optional component.


• Windproof material Atom at the front

• Flossy collar from the material Super Roubaix

• Lycra in the side panels, backpanel and cuffs

• YKK zipper at the front

• Two YKK zipper appreciate a soft fluffy collar to pull around your neck during your workouts in cold, harsh days.

We take for granted pockets at the front

• Adjustable drawstring at the bottom

• Optional - Reflex details in shoulder seams

• Optional - Extra pocket on the back

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