• $6999


  • Women's swim goggles - the best swim goggles you'll ever own.
  • Super soft seals - no raccoon eyes!
  • Factory applied permanent anti-fog coating
  • Professional polycarbonate lens quality
  • Great for lap swimming, triathlons, and open water swimming
 Sable's 924 swim goggles for women offers unmatched soft seal comfort together with a professional level optical experience. You've never seen so clearly in, on, or under water like this! A miracle of nature, the Sable changes its eye shape underwater for perfect vision. SABLE WATEROPTICS goggles allow you to see precisely in and out of the water with FLATLENSTM TECHNOLOGY - Integrated permanent super anti-fog with hydrophilic technology outperforms everything else on the market. Baked on at the factory for long lasting performance. - Flash mirror coating cuts glare and harmful UV rays. Hydrophobic surface sheds water, keeping the lens clear. - Comes with customizable nose bridges for the best fit and comfort. - Professional silicone seals prevent leaking & reduce irritation, protecting the eyes from chemicals, bacteria, & harmful pressure on the eye. Optical industry polycarbonate lenses and coatings - Corrective lenses also available. - Aspherical lens technology created thinner, lighter lenses for corrective lenses. - Different strength lenses available for each eye for better vision. Lifetime Frame & Strap Warranty If, under normal wear, your Sable WaterOptics frame or strap breaks, we will replace the broken part with a comparable frame or strap. Email contact info is included with every pair of Sables. We ship from our USA warehouse in Atlanta for fast delivery and in country customer support!

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