Geax PitStop TNT Sealant

Geax PitStop TNT Sealant

  • $2299

Preventive and sealing liquid latex. Created for TNT (TubesNoTubes) tyres, it can be also used with standard UST tyres without any problems.

Top Features of the Geax Pit Stop TNT Prevention Latex Tyre Sealant 250ml

1 litre will treat 4 tyres
TNT (TubeNoTube) Technology
Supplied: 250ml bottle

Put it into the tyre before use, it creates a protective film inside the casing sealing porosities and holes, airproofing TNT tyres.

It works also as a preventive liquid for further punctures.

 About MTB Tubeless Tyres

Tubeless tyres, also referred to as UST, have the primary benefit of avoiding needless pinch punctures when running at low pressure. They are specifically designed to enable the rider to run varying amounts of pressure to suit the riding conditions. They will require a Tubeless / UST specific rim, or a conversion kit, to be used without a tube. They can however have a tube fitted if they become damaged during use. Special tyre sealants can also be purchased to improve the seal and are applied inside the tyre when installing onto the rim.

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