Fischer Carbonlite Classic Cold Ski NIS

  • $68999
  • Save $10000

This ski is a Trysport staple in performance classic skis.  Its light with a very consistent camber and all the ski technologies that you've come to love from Fischer.  Ask for a carbonlite to fit you and will send you out the door with a perfectly matched ski with accurately identified camber zone for you're ski ability.

For top performance at World Cup level. The original classic racing ski from the RACE CODE line is tuned as a Cold model with base and finish to temperatures of -2°C and warmer. For racers who still have lots of plans. Available are skis in cold and plus versions with FA camber values listed.

To get an idea if a ski will be suitable for you take the fa value, multiply it by 2 to get full body weight in kilograms. Multiply that by 2.2 to get your weight in pounds.  A suitable skis should range from 85% to 95% of body weight depending on your level of skiing.  

Example an fa value of 42 would be 84 kilos or 185 lbs.  This would be suitable for a recreational skier who is 195 lbs to 217 lbs.  However a very strong and fit skier would take this ski at 100% body weight.

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