Weekly Events

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Get the WhatsApp and I'll get you joined to the Trysport Cycling Group.  All updates flow through there!  With this group, we also throw out invites for runs and swims too!

Failing that here is the general schedule that we hold throughout each week of the spring and summer.  


Group Rides


Tuesday and Thursday Morning Ride

 90 minutes

 By invitation through WhatsApp Trysport Cycling Group.


 6:00 AM

Text me for an invite


Thursday Night Ride and run

 16.3k ride

3k optional run.

 Meet at Canadian tire parking lot and Ostler Park Drive.


 Started May 31

Start time 6:30

Text me if you're planning to attend.


Saturday Morning Ride



Meet at Trysport

Post Ride Coffee and treats

Ride replaced by Pedaling 4 Parkinson's on Saturday July 14th.

June 2nd, now departing at 7:30

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Saturday Morning Beginners Ride 20k, beginners pace Meet at Trysport

Start time 9:30 am

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