Weekly Events

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Get the WhatsApp and I'll get you joined to the Trysport Cycling Group.  All updates flow through there!  With this group, we also throw out invites for runs and swims too!

Failing that here is the general schedule that we hold throughout each week of the spring and summer.

Bring your gravel bike, your mountain bike or your fat bike for any of these rides. The Gravel Rides will start at Trysport and the Mountain Bike rides will start at Georgian Nordic.

This is a local Georgian Bay morning swim.  Text me if you would like to join us. 705-774-8179

This is a SOCIAL ride with a very easy pace.  At the end of the ride, we will do 2 of the 4 Stava stages of the 16.3k time trial course, so roughly 8k of optional hard riding. If you're not up for it then just ride comfortably back to the start.

This is a NO drop SOCIAL ride with lots of options.  We have some seasoned riders who have no problem doing a 30kph group pace, while we have others who are more comfortable doing 23 kph group pace.  So we have ride plans for both groups. If you're looking for an intense workout you won't find it for the most part, however, we often include a couple of all-out short 4k type sprints if riders are feeling up to it, and then recollect the group at the end of the sprint.

Come on out to improve your run.  We do 2 loops of our 2.5k course.  Put your best foot forward to try for a personal best, or just come on out and run as many loops of the course as you would like for fun.

Here is the Strave 2.5k split: