Weekly Road Rides

Get the WhatsApp and I'll get you joined to the Trysport Cycling Group.  All updates flow through there! 

Saturday Morning Rides.

Every Saturday we ride in the morning.  We roll out at 7:30 am during July and August, and later in the spring and fall.  Those time updates are always communiccated through the WhatsApp "Tryspprt Cycling" group.

We tend to have an older but fit group who casually ride at 25 k/ph but can paceline at 35 kph when needed.  With every ride we usually through a sprint or two in to give eveyone  a great workour. After every spritn we collect the group.

Tuesday and Thursday Morning Rides

During July and August we roll out at 6:30 Am for a 50k ride. Sometimes the pace is brisk and sometimes it is casaul.  The makeup of the group decide befor the rollout. Again these rides are updated weekly on WhatsApp "Trysport Cycling" group!

How to join the WhatsApp "Trysport Cyling" group:

  1. I being the administrator I need to have you as a contact on my phone. So text me @ 705-774-8179 along with your name and I will add you.
  2. You need to download the WhatsApp app onto your phone.
  3. Then I can add you to the group.