About us... The Trysport Difference

Driven by passion, TRYSPORT began in 1996.  Since then we have never wavered from our commitment to continually motivate, teach, support and participate in sport.  We play a key role in ensuring that we have local events and that our customers have the tools that they need to reach their goals. 

Who we are, and what we do:

We are first and foremost a full sales and service bike shop 12 months of the year.  We promote road and mountain cycling as well as all the new trends of gravel riding and fat biking.  We also love providing family recreational bikes for parents and kids.  Our exceptional bike service has built a customer base across Ontario!

We also have 35 years of experience in triathlon racing, organizing, and coaching. As such we well know for our triathlon sales and service.  We sell swim, bike and run.  We have always been a one stop tri shop!

For the winter months we are heavy into Nordic skiing as well as fat biking.  We carry exception brands including Salomon, Fischer and Rossignol.

Thanks very much for checking us out!

Our Mission:
To inspire our community through the achievements of yourself and others around you.
To provide a venue for sport through events and activities.
To educate our community at every opportunity.
To facilitate the realization of our customer’s goals.
To commit to all aspects of sport in helping athletes achieve their ultimate goals.


Left to right: Marek, Marianne, Morgan, Lynsey, David, after the Bala Falls Triathlon, 2014

The Trysport difference!

For twenty years Trysport has been serving athlete’s needs in both the recreational market and the race market.

As the owner and head race mechanic, I have been doing things my way since day one and it has paid off with longstanding customer trust. 

Here are some Trysport rules that have helped our family build its reputation of excellence:

  • We believe that it’s our job to bring the athlete out in everybody. We listen to your stories and goals and then help you achieve them.
  • We know that it is important to provide a venue for local people to get their start into athletics. That’s why we have been organizing the local triathlon, as well as many other weekly and annual events for over twenty years.
  • Servicing customers starts before the first sale and never ends.
  • Educating our customers on any product or personal performance issues.
  • Service and assemble all bikes and skis as if they were yours. Not doing something because it takes too long or is too complicated means that bike or ski will be coming back with an unhappy customer. You will enjoy our open concept shops.
  • Our bad dream at night is athletes swearing at Trysport or at David because their bike failed them during an important race or ride. We do everything as thoroughly as possible to try and ensure that never happens!  If it ever does please scream my name in vain!
  • Great coffee and Marianne’s baking!
  • Check out our testimonials!

Owner/operator and fellow athlete, David Bialkowsk


And finally the two golden rules:

"the finish line or the ambulance” 

“simply no walking outside of an aid station!”