Trysport Bike Assembly and bike fit

What to you get when you buy a bike at Trysport?

All bikes include a basic Trysport assembly, and we guarantee when shopping in-store that you are purchasing the right size and type of bike! Also all bikes get a free break in tune up which is usually performed after the first 100 to 300 kilometers of cycling. If you go beyond the break in period and actually need a tune-up then we offer that to you at half price.

A BASIC Assembly includes:

  • full assembly of all parts included with the bike
  • gears and brakes tuned
  • tires pumped to spec

A basic assembly is all you need for recreational bikes.

A professional bike assembly is available to purchase at the time of purchase for $69 and includes the following extras:

  • A professional bike assembly is included on bikes over $1500 bought at MSRP!
  • Front and rear wheels trued
  • front and rear hubs tuned
  • Disc brakes pre-burned
  • all assembly bolts greased
  • drive train lubed
  • electronic shifting bikes recieve firmware updates and customization if requested.

Basic and professional bike fits at Trysport

By far the biggest component of a great bike fit is first purchasing the right size bike.  Many body dimensions, riding style as well a goals go into selecting the correct size bike.  Every manufacturer offers different geometries on every single model so your homework must be done.  This process is easy on recreational bikes but very complicated on performance bike, and then it goes to another level for triathlon bikes.

A basic bike fit is valued at $60 but is included with any bike bought at MSRP without any discount. If you are riding with flat pedals, then a bike fit is quick and easy. We just need to select the correct size bike, a comfortable seat hight and perhaps a stem swap. If you are using clipeless pedals and shoes then you will want to spend 30 minutes with us to get your bike dialed in. Upgraded parts may be extra!

If you need more of a bike fit, usually with the added complications of a triathlon bike or a sleek performance road bike, then our full bike fit will meet your needs.  Based on a hour of labour and expertise, this bike fit sells for $110, but is included with road and tri bikes bought at MSRP with no discount. Upgraded parts are extra, and depending on the complications of any customization extra labour charges may be incurred.



Note: With the new reality of the online world pushing retail pricing down, the bike industry is encouraging retailers to now charge for bike assembly. We at Trysport know that this will never fly, but note that a full professional bike assembly is valued at $179.00! Bike assemblies vary from a basic hybrid or mountain bike to a complicated triathlon bike or intricate road bike. You can do a quick functional assembly, or you can spend more than three hours doing a professional assembly. Professional assemblies send bikes out the door that stay in tune longer and experience less bearing wear.