Sunday Morning 5k Run Challenge

Next planned challenge date: Every Sunday


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New 5 K challenge! 

Every week we will be hosting a 5 k timed run.  Test yourself against the clock to try and maintain or improve your run strength.  The course is a 2 loop, 2.5 km course on Louisa Street.

This run test is supposed to be a motivator to help your weekly running.  Hopefully, we can all improve our run speed or at least maintain it.

Once you have 3 runs in we will record your personal best time and give you a Trysport gift certificate for $20!  Every time you manage to beat that time your up for an additional $20 gift certificate. The person with the most PB's on the year walks away with at $60 gift card!

So these events will be held on Louisa Street about 500 meters up from Starbucks, 8:30 am on event days.  There will be one aid station table where you can place your favorite bottle.  Please show up about 15 minutes early to sign in and warm up.  All participants must sign a Trysport Event Waiver which we will have on hand. One waiver will last the year. 

Keep on running!