Splash n Dash - Aug 1st, 2018

Come and join in the fun with Parry Sound's Splash n Dash out at 9 Mile Beach in McDougal on Wednesday, August 1st at 6 pm!

This is a no-frills event designed just to have some fun and enjoy some competitive spirit.  While there will be times recorded, there are no prizes, awards or fancy post-race meals.  You are paying for the basics of good clean organized, sanctioned safe fun.

Here is the format:

The short course: start time approximately 6 pm.

Swim 250 meters, then run 800 meters, then swim again the 250 meters, then run the 800 meters again.  There is an 11 minute cut off time to be able to start the second loop!

The Long Course: start time approximately 6:40 pm.

Swim 500 meters, then run 2 Kilometers, then swim again the 500 meters, then run the run 2 Kilometers again.  There is a 22 minute cut off time to be able to start the second loop!

For Relay Teams:

The key here is that we want everyone to feel welcome to participate.

We propose that a relay team have each team member do 1 loop of the swim and run, however we know that some will want to do the jus the running or the swimming.  So you are welcome to relay as a swimmer and a runner if you like.  

The cost for this event is $20 and includes race day insurance and tax.  If you are participating in a relay, then the cost is $12 per participant.

Here is the link to sign up!