RJ Ross at the Worlds in Cozumel

This past September I was fortunate to represent Canada in the 35 - 40 male age group at the ITU World triathlon Championships held in Cozumel Mexico.  
 David Bialkowski whom is a good friend and has long supported me with sponsorship from Trysport, said the Olympic distance race is where speed meets endurance.   David is certainly right, as this race was a testament to ones ability to suffer at a maximum effort and hold on.  
I was very thrilled to cross the line as I was on the verge of passing out from the effort and racing in the intense heat.  The result from years of hard work and dedication showed with a silver medal behind a former 2008 Olympian from Mexico.  
I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation by saying a large thank you to the David, and his Trysport family.   His service, knowledge, and passion for the sport of triathlon is what lends athletes pursuing this crazy sport a fighting chance at achieving their goals.  
Thank you Trysport  
See below his awesome 2nd place finish! and more great pics!
See full results here
RJ Ross at the Worlds Sept 2016 on the bike,
RJ Ross at the Worlds Sept 2016 exiting the water,
RJ Ross at the Worlds Sept 2016 hitting the finish line,
RJ Ross at the Worlds Sept 2016 on the podium,