Nacho Ride and Nachos night!

Welcome to our Nacho Social fun and skills rides going Monday nights at 6:30..

Bring your mountain bike or road bike and whatever nacho supplies that you would like to contribute, as in , Nacho chips, nacho sauce, cheese, broccoli, peppers, sweet onions, whatever else, and some beverages.  We will have enough to for the first night so just bring what ever you like.


These rides are totally FREE!

The theme here is to come on out and do an hour of exercise at a social fun pace with a friend or a group.  We are mountain biking, road riding, running, and swimming.  We will have leaders for both road and mountain every night, but you can choose to do what every you want for the hour.  Then we meet back at Trysport for 8 PM where we oven cook mucho Nacho's with some beverages. 

Here are some things that will be covered over the course of the summer:

  • the basics on how to make the best Nacho's
  • the basics of how to be prepared to ride
  • best practices of how to ride safely on the road
  • trail riding skills
  • how to ride in groups
  • how to change flat tires
  • how to efficiently change gears
  • how to climb hills
  • how to descend hills

All clinics start at Trysport, 77 Bowes St. in Parry Sound.  Follow us on Twitter for any clinic changes. The clinics go in most weather conditions, as long as its warm enough to teach.  This would include warm light rains but not storms of any kind.

Each clinic is scheduled to last about an hour.  Depending on the group we may drive to the Canadian Tire parking lot to get started.