David's Bio

Coach David Bialkowski   NCCP Triathlon Coach


David got his start in athletics at an early age running cross, road and track in high school.  He then focused on cross at the varsity level eventually being part of a gold medal winning team with the Ottawa Gee Gee’s in the fall of 1990, just months after finishing his first Ironman in Penticton in a time of 10:22.   David did his first triathlon in 87’, following a friendly challenge, and completed the Orillia Half Ironman in 6:05 in smoking hot conditions with only one aid station on the run course.   David then saw a short pro career from 89’ to 91’ until the reality of marriage and kids slowed things down.  Since then he has maintained a solid standing as an elite age group athlete completing more than two hundred triathlons and many running races.  Along the way, while running a triathlon shop of course, he has helped countless athletes with reaching their goals, preventing injuries, and maintaining a healthy motivation for sport.  Here are some of David’s career highlights:

1987 first triathlon (Orillia Half)

1989-1991 competed as a pro.  A member of the provincial Royal Lepage Pro team collecting six Olympic finishes in 89’ all under 1:58

1989 Olympic distance PB 1:56

1990 Ironman Canada (first Ironman) 10:22

1990 CIAU Cross Country Gold Medal team member

1998 Ironman Canada (105 degrees, close to 400 ambulance runs) 10:37

15 Time ironman finisher PB: 9:51 PW 11:03

30+  Half Iroman’s PB: 4:36 PW: 5:10

2006 Hawaii Ironman finisher 10:56:19