Car Racks

Racks of all types from Thule and Yakima plus others.

Hitch racks

These racks are very popular because there is a tray for each bike and the trays are low to the ground.  They install in square receivers which are typically 1 1/4" on small cars, and 2" on larger vehicles.  Usually the smaller 1 1/4" receivers are limited to 2 bikes, max 3 bikes because of overall weight.  There are only a few racks that offer 3 bike options.

Features of these racks vary for the quality of construction to locking features.  Racks can both lock to the reciever and also lock the bikes to the rack itself.

Roof Racks

These racks start by getting cross bars fitted to your vehicle.  The fit is based on the exact make, model and year of your vehicle as well as if the roof has any kind of factory installed racks on it.  Factory installed racks often are suitable for carrying top boxes however they are seldom strong enough to carry bike modules or kayak modules so you will need to upgrade to specific Thule or Yakima cross bars.  

Cross bars come in two basic types, square or round bars, OR aero bars.  Get the aero bars if you have the budget for them as they are significantly quieter at highway speeds.  Also get the locks for the bars to make all your gear secure,

From there you can get as many bike modules, kayak modules, or top boxes as your racks will hold.

We don't stock much of this because there are so many variations.  The good news is that our suppliers know this and make it up by offering 1 day delivery.  

We do stock in season a few hitch racks and a few bike modules for top of car, and usually one set of "rail grabber" racks for vehicles with strong factory installed side rails.

So if you need racks just give us a call or fill out the contact box indicating your vehicle make, model and year, as well as if the roof has any factory racks on it, and they tell us what you are interested in.  We will quote you promptly and have you up and running in only a few short days.  With all orders we offer free shipping and installation.

Top of Care Bike Modules

Hitch Racks

Ski/Snowboard Racks