Bike Fitting Services

Remote bike fittings! Yes we have just launched our at home bike fitting service! This service is designed for people who are wish to buy a bike from us but don't really have the time to come into the shop and get it.  Buy the BIKE the FITTING and $179 worth of accessories and we will bring it all to your home for the fitting.  Our basic radius is as far north as Sudbury, as far south as the GTA plus our friends in Guelph, and as far East as Halliburton.

Bike fittings have become one of our specialties over our twenty year history. Road, triathlon, or mountain we can put you into the right fit.

All fittings require clip in pedals and shoes as well as bike shorts so if you don't have these you will need to purchase from us during your fitting.

For in-store fittings, If you are buying a bike from us as well as $179 of extras then the bike fitting is included with your purchase.  Choose from pedals and shoes, helmets, clothing, bike computers or anything else for your bike.

Bike fittings involve the obvious but they also involve teaching good cycling technique and understanding the goals of your rider from recreational to performance.

A bike fitting session with us is $110.  If your bike needs some mechanical changes then we might ask you to leave your bike while these changes are made.  The additional costs of parts and labor would apply. We can usually determine some of these things before hand with bike pictures or by a one on one with you and your bike.