2022 Big Hybrid Bike Sale!

We want to sell some hybrid bikes to get people on then move or to help with back to school costs! Sale prices vary by model. Offers can not be combined! Sale ends on September 17th, 2022!

All offers are available in-store. Buy online and recieve a refund equal to the sale price when you pick the bike up in-store.

Need your bike shipped? We are very careful who we ship to. Our preference is to send you bike to your local bike shop for you to pick up fully assembled. between the sale  price, shipping and assebly there are lots of variables so lets talk.

See details below for our current sale prices:

Felt Versa Speed 40 $979, Sale price $795

Felt Versa Speed 50 $789, Sale Price $669

KHS Route 200 $999, Sale Price $795

Trek FX1 $799, Sale price $679

Trek FX2 $949, Sale price $795

Trek FX3 $1169, Sale price $969

Norco XFR 2 $999, Sale Price $795