• $1,14999

During the month of November 2021, we are offering 10% off this smart trainer bought in-store.  We also are offering an online DEAL but you have to call the shop to get hooked up!


Introducing the VOLT™ – an accessible and rider optimised, performance driven electro magnetic trainer.

The VOLT™ comes pre-assembled with an 11 speed cassette making it super easy to start riding.  There are no added costs. Attach your bike, CONNECT AND GO. It has been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms. The Volt™ is extremely quiet and provides an exceptional riding experience.

DC Rainmaker has a glowing review of this trainer!

“The VOLT is not only a direct drive trainer, but one that comes with a cassette. Priced at about $1,149.99, it easily undercuts the Wahoo KICKR CORE in price – and seems to match it on real-world accuracy and sound (it’s basically silent)

“Plus, it’s got a nifty feature that passes through your heart rate sensor data via the trainer, allowing you to pair the entire trainer/power/cadence/heart rate as a single channel on Apple TV, saving you one further channel for steering (with Zwift). Don’t worry, I’ll explain how that works later.

 “I’ve been using the JetBlack VOLT for more than a month now for all my trainer rides, and frankly, if blindfolded, you’d never be able to tell this wasn’t a KICKR CORE. Of course, sometimes it’s more than just the trainer itself that makes the experience. While many users never bother opening up the manufacturer’s companion app for their trainer (except firmware updates), JetBlack has one. And if there’s any area that needs a bit more love, it’s the app. Still, as you’ll see, it’s hardly mission-critical to the day to day Zwift or TrainerRoad user...


  • ANT+ FE- C controllable trainer
  • Broadcasts ANT+, Speed, Power and Cadence
  • Bluetooth FTMS controllable trainer
  • Broadcasts Bluetooth, Speed, Power and Cadence
  • Connects to Heart rate monitors via BLE and ANT+
  • Broadcasts connected Heart rate via BLE
  • Spin down calibration



  • Direct Drive Smart Trainer
  • 11speed cassette included (Shimano, Sram and Campy compatible, XD-R body sold separately)
  • Electromagnetic magnet system
  • Flywheel weight. 4.7kg
  • App controlled resistance
  • 142 and 148 Thru Axle adaptors included. Boost sold separately
  • Third-Party App compatible
  • Accuracy of +- 2.5 % Gradient simulation up to 16 %
  • Power (watts) Output
    • 15kph = 400 watts
    • 40 kph = 1300 watts
    • Max Watts 1800
  • Rider optimised Performance
  • Total unit weight. 15.4 kg
  • Electrical requirements:  2.5m power cable supplied. 100 to 240 Volt, 1.5A, 50Hz-60Hz

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